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Product Description:

Our Domod Snaploc (D-SNAPLOC) roof is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology excellent for low pitched roofs. No application of sealant in the capillary grove to prevent leakage by capillary action. D-Snaploc has an elegant look of a traditional standing seam system with superior performance in strength and durability

Product Details:

Reliable – D-SNAPLOC roof ensures adequate drainage from rain, thus solving water leakage problems. The system is specially designed to handle the effects from thermal movements.

Re-roofing – D-SNAPLOC roofs can be installed in most re-roofing projects, right over the existing built-up roofs, eliminating costly and time consuming tear-offs. No sealant: D-SNAPLOC is engineered to avoid sealants during the installation process. Sealants in roofs are not reliable due to the fact that they harden and break after a few years leading to possible leakage.

Length of Production  This is based on customer's woodwork specifications


Domod Snaploc (D-SNAPLOC) Features

  • Sheet Width:  400 mm
  • Effective coverage: 350 mm
  • Depth:  38 mm
  • Maximium Span / Length: No matter the length we have you covered.
  • Onsite Production: With our Mobile Corrugator, we are able to produce to your required specifications.

Company Overview

As a subsidiary of Domod Aluminium Limited, DomodRoof pride itself on providing effective roofing solutions across a range of sectors as well as specialist services including Re-roofing, free estimates, rain water harvesting, on-site installations and other sustainable roofing options.

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