Roofs are a very important part of a building. A big steady roof over your head can give you comfort and protect your building from harmful elements. In this article, we will look at eight key factors to consider when selecting roofing materials in Ghana.

A roof will last for decades, so getting the right kind of system or material for your property can simply not be overlooked. 

Factors to consider when selecting a roofing material

Design, purpose and performance are all important features and essential things to consider for your roofing. Here are some key 8 factors to consider before selecting your roofing material in Ghana.

1. Proprietorship

Choosing an inferior material because of the cost to roof your property will bring dire consequences in the short run. If you are building a property to use for most of your life, for your future generations or are the owner of a commercial building, installing the right kind of roof using the appropriate material can give you a good return on your investment as well as peace of mind. But If you’re not planning to own the property for a long period of time, then you might want to consider your budget and go for a relatively shorter lifespan material. 

2. Architectural Design Of Your Building

The style of your home or commercial building may determine the type of roofing materials to use and is extremely important when selecting its roof covering or roofing materials in Ghana. Some buildings because of how low the slopes would be may need a built-up roof, but metal roofs suit the style of almost all home and commercial buildings in most parts of Africa.

factors to consider when selecting a roofing material in Ghana

3. Affordability

Some roofing materials are more expensive than others as with every other product. You should always measure the benefits of the roofing material against the costs without compromising on the quality. For example, metal roofing comes in different profiles and thicknesses. The higher the thickness, the more expensive the cost. If you do not live in an environment or your building does not demand a material with a 0.60mm or 0.80mm thickness, you can opt for a material with 0.40mm or 0.45mm thickness which can serve the same purpose. Some material on the other hand may be cheaper and offer resistance to fire and the weather, but will need more maintenance and repairs than others which eventually builds up the cost.

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4. The Roofing Application

Whether the new roof is being installed on a brand-new structure, re-roofing, or as an addition to a building makes a big difference in your roofing material selection. With new roofs, you have more choices because you’re not restricted to existing mechanisms. Factors such as roof materials currently on the roof, the underlying roof structure composition, roof pitch, etc., as you are with replacement roofs or re-roofing. With re-roofing, the weight of the material to be used must be considered.

factors to consider when selecting a roofing material in ghana

5. The Environment

It’s very important to take into consideration the environment your project is located when choosing materials for your roof. Trees over your roof, industrial pollution, distance from the ocean/sea and a humid climate are some conditions that can cause rust, mold, mildew, moss, or algae and affect the performance of your roof. If you live in a mountainous region or one that experiences heavy rainfall, aside from the material, the pitch of your roof will need to be steeper to encourage rainwater to flow down with ease. Your roof’s material and pitch will also affect how your roof holds up in the face of strong winds. To avoid roof damage, it is important to choose a roofing material that can handle environmental situations where you live. 

6. Aesthetics/ Visual Appeal

Roof materials come in a variety of types, styles, textures and colors so they can easily complement the style of other homes or buildings in a community, or make the roof pitch of your structure more pronounced.

If you’re sticking to a particular design theme, many of the decisions about your roof’s appearance will be simplified. 

Colour is also a very important consideration for most people. Colour is used to highlight the appearance of the building, sometimes, even to compliment the overall painting of the building.

A bright-coloured roof will make your roof look bigger and vice-versa also, it is important to know that dark colors are likely to absorb the sun’s heat, while bright colors will help to reflect it.

roofing sheets, roofing

When selecting your roofing system, consider how the look of it will match the style of your home and give it a visual appeal.

7. Underlayments

Besides choosing your roofing covering, the roof underlayment materials, eg. Trusses, also should be considered. Underlayment is primarily used to separate the roof covering from the roof deck, to shed water, and to provide secondary weather protection for the roof area of the building.

roofing sheets, roofing

Light Steel frames are suitable for use in all environments and favorable to all weather conditions. It will not mold, warp or rot and it will not crack, shrink, splinter, split or swell. Steel is impervious to termites and wood destroying insects.

8. Energy Productivity

Energy efficient roofing systems are becoming quite popular because of the cost savings they provide in the long run.

How much heat is absorbed and retained within your home depends mostly on the type of material used to roof the building.

While initial installation may cost more than traditional roofs, energy efficient roofs deliver substantial long-term savings in your energy bills and are a green alternative, providing environmental benefits that promote recycling and less usage of hazardous toxins.

There are lots of things to consider when deciding on the best roofing choice for your home or commercial property. Ultimately, you want a roof that is visually appealing, is durable, cost-effective, doesn’t need much maintenance and is cheap to repair when necessary. Always seek reliable experts’ advice before deciding on your roof’s material and design.

factors to consider when selecting a roofinn

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