We all want the best building material when it comes to building our ideal home, office space, church etc; unfortunately, this dream might not become a reality if you don’t know what types of building materials are on the market.  If you are reading this piece it means you are curious about Aluzinc roofing sheets; this article will take you through one of the best roofing sheets material out there.

So what are Domods’s premium Aluzinc roofing sheets?

Just as the name suggests, our Aluzinc is made of aluminium and zinc, its two metallic constituents create a corrosion resistance barrier effect, which is cold rolled galvanized steel with metal coating composed of Aluminium (55%), Zinc (43. 4%) and Silicon (1. 6%). Aluzinc also has the ability to repair itself which makes the material resistant to corrosion caused by scratches. 

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Aluzinc roofing sheets vs Aluminium roofing sheets?

A lot of roofing sheets companies in Ghana will boast about having the best aluminium roofing sheets and though aluminium is a great roofing material for your building it does frail in comparison to aluzinc roofing sheets see unlike aluzinc aluminium roofing sheets are much more expensive, they corroded and rust, they dent easily, they are also very noisy, and they expand under heat and considering that in Ghana we have our main weather conditions being rain or sunshine this makes aluminium roofing sheets disadvantaged to Aluzinc. 

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Features of our precoated Premium Aluzinc roofing sheets

Product name  Premium Aluzinc
Base material High-grade Alu-Zinc steel 
  • Good corrosion resistance at a high temperature 
  • Excellent long term durability
  • Good abrasion resistance due to hardness
  • Good corrosion resistance at high temperatures
  • Good abrasion resistance due to its surface hardness
  • The roof looks new after a heavy downpour as dirt particles are easily washed away
  • 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc, 1.6% silicon
  • Excellent thermal and light reflectivity
Dimensions               Thickness x length 

  • 40mm x 875mm x 2.45m
  • 0.45mm x  875mm x2.45m
Origin Manufactured in Ghana
Shape flat, coil, strip, sheet, plate, etc.?
Application Used for Building materials, steel structure, home construction, roofing sheets, cladding, structural sections; etc
Product Features Good performance, high precise, high straightness, high evenness and surface finishing, uniform thickness, easy for coating process, high tensile strength, high pressing property and low
Surface treatment Galvanized, Skin Pass, infrared reflective pigments treatment, and Oiled(un-oiled)
Package We will pack your preferred roofing factory based on standard export

Or as the customer requests.


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Do Aluzinc roofing sheets rust?

Domod uses the finest aluzinc roofing sheets which can repair itself which makes the material resistant to corrosion caused by scratches. This ensures that it has a vast lifespan because the Aluminum-zinc coating provides the steel sheet with double protection against corrosion.

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How much is Aluzinc roofing sheets in Ghana?

The price of aluzinc roofing will differ from company to company, the location of the company or the type of material used in the manufacturing process, below we have the price of our premium Aluzinc roofing sheets:

Material Thickness x Length Number of pieces Price
Aluzinc 0.40mm x 975mm x 2.45mm 20 GHC 2,921.63
0.45mm x 875mm x 2.45mm 20 GHC 3,096.92

Why should you purchase our precoated Premium Aluzinc roofing sheets 

Our Aluzinc roofing sheets are a very environmentally friendly product and can be used both externally and internally. It is 100% recyclable and formed using a ‘green process’. Once the steel is produced, it is part of a constant cycle as steel always contains recycled materials and the metal layer does not pose any problems for remodelling.

There are a lot of things to consider after all roofing is a big investment so when choosing a company to design or build your roof, choose Domod Roofing for flawless installation.