DIY Roof

Do it yourself aka DIY the infamous and unending trend that has got everyone thinking that they are experts. This trend can be applied to just about anything from food to slightly more complicated jobs in construction like tiling, roofing, or painting.

More complicated projects, like roofing, come with a lot more workload, and trying to do it on your own will not work well, so it is much better to call in a professional and avoid the stress, injuries on the job, or wasting more money because you couldn’t get it right in the first place. DIY does help you create lovely pieces in your home or office but is it worth all that trouble. 

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Do Not Roof It Yourself

For technical projects like replacing your roof or putting in a new one, you might be tempted to look up and try how to do it yourself, because you may think why not handle it yourself if you could save a lot of money, right? Nope. Though DIY is great for some projects, it’s quite disastrous when it comes to some, there are lists of some home improvement jobs you should leave to the professionals, DIY roofing is on top of such a list. Here are some reasons not to DIY your roof. 

  1. You can lose your warranty and peace of mind:  When you hire an expert roofer, you may cover a limited warranty like one from the manufacturer for defects. Do you want to take a gamble that will end up full of regrets?. A roof gives you a sense of security. It protects you against harsh weather conditions like rainstorms, the cold, the heat, and the dry harmattan which can get so humid and dry it can literally split skin and wood. Installing your roof DIY style will not give you that peace of mind you so need, because there is always a sense of doubt and an unsettling feeling you might have forgotten something essential. 
  2. It will not look professionally done: We all have that dream house or office we want to be in. Doing it yourself or hiring amateur squashes that dream and turns it into a living nightmare. Even if you do it well you risk signs for bad roofing like leaking, ripping, and tiring, or its non-uniform appearance showing up later. Done properly a new roof adds style and beauty to a building, it lets your building stand out and adds that something, that “je ne sais quoi”. 
  3. No saving cash: Everyone has the perception that they can do just about anything for less; everyone seems to think they are undiscovered professionals. So really ask yourself, are you truly an undiscovered professional, or are you just another Joe that loves to run their mouth?. Just because a job might look easy doesn’t mean it is. Roofing is a big investment; replacing money squandered on such jobs can be hard. DIY does not save you money if anything you lose more from trying to get the right tools and materials to replace the whole roof or fixing up tearing and patches you might have missed. Professionals at Domod know what to look for when roofing a building; they can identify damages and provide homeowners with cost-effective methods to save money.
  4. Time: DIY roofing is time-consuming and comes with a lot of stress. People underestimate how long it takes to complete roofing or roofing repairs. When working on your roof, because you are no professional you’re unlikely to finish within a short period of time; this can risk you exposing part of the undone roof conditions like rain and even continuous sunshine which can end up damaging the support structure and quality of your materials. A roofer can complete their work in a much faster time than you can.
  5. Risk of injury: Despite a lot of training, experience, and use of safety equipment a lot of roofers risk serious injuries themselves. You might lack such training with working at heights or with a ladder. Because practice makes perfect, roofing constructors have experience from doing the job over and over again. The damage caused by the DIY roof may not be so obvious but you risk your roof sagging, falling in, leaking, or even cracking. This can cause your roof to collapse causing serious injuries to anyone walking in it and further damage to your property.

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Tips On How To Do It Right

Some basic tips to help if you do insist on trying to DIY your roof 

  1. Know what you are getting into: Do extensive research to avoid any unforeseen cost or setbacks because having to stop your projects because of setbacks like lack of funds can be crippling. 
  2. Know what you cannot do: It is said that some things are best left for the professionals; known that is not just a saying you can avoid. If the project you are attempting to do is a bit more complicated, do your best to hire the right person and don’t take the projects into your own hands because you could lose them.
  3. Start small: Don’t do the big ones first. This will help avoid any disappointments if the project does not turn out how you want. Starting small helps you get a feel of how and what roofing is about and you get to prevent and avoid all the negatives that come along with biting off a chunk of what you cannot fully achieve.
  4. Take your time: This is your project so don’t be in a rush; enjoy the process and make memories and most importantly take some time to search for the right options. 

Domod roofing provides you with premium aluminium roofing sheets. If you DIY your roof you risk damaging the rest of your home. Unlike many home DIY projects, roofing is not safe or cost-effective, or simple, so if your roof is at the end of its lifespan or if you are roofing your new building call in the experts at Domod. Buying quality roofing materials and hiring just about anyone does not guarantee that the installation was done right.  Working with roofing experts at Domod gives you a great sense of security and it also protects you and your pocket.