Domod Roof limited, a key player in the roofing industry organized a carpenters’ forum for local carpenters and other key stakeholders within the Western Region enclave. The one-day capacity building program was held on the 23rd of April 2021 at the Akroma Plaza in Takoradi.

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The capacity-building forum was organized in fulfilment of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities and was aimed at achieving the following:

  • Building capacity of our local carpenters by teaching them current ways of installing roofing sheets, thus increasing their knowledge base and improving upon their craft.
  • Creating awareness of the brand, its products and also to educate various stakeholders of the various product profiles of Domod Roof Ltd.
  • To offer leadership in the roofing industry in building the capacity of these local artisans.

The forum was preceded by several radio interviews to further inform and educate the larger public of product profile of the company.

The forum had various special invited guest of honour such as Dr Ebenezer Boakye; Head of Department for Civil Engineering – Takoradi Technical University, representatives of AESL. In addition, the forum attracted over 12 media houses.

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The Business Development Manager; Mr Godfried Asamoah thanked all participants for attending the program and took participants through the history of DomodRoof. 

Mr Kwadwo Appuh: Head of Detailing at Domod Roof Limited, introduced the artisans to all the product lines of the company. He also emphasized certain bad practices that occur at the site that goes against effective and efficient sheet’s installation. In addition, he spoke about the new eco-friendly steel trusses that are used on the blockwork in place of the wood.

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The main focus of the forum was a practical demonstration of how installations are done. Our chief installer, Mr Francis Ahiayo led the team by teaching carpenters how to install long span roofing sheets for all profiles. He also emphasized the need to observe safety procedures during installation to prevent any mishap. Some local carpenters for the first time had the opportunity of installing sheets with modern tools and learning the current tricks in roof installation. Carpenters were happy for the new knowledge as was exhibited during the Q & A section.

In concluding, the Business Development Manager Mr. Godfried Asamoah reiterated the need to learn new and current ways of roofing and urged all present to strive to update their skills and not to hesitate to come to Domod Roof Limited for solutions. In a radio interview, he urged all contractors, house owners, churches etc. to call on Domod Roof for all their roofing solutions.

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