Technology is an important tool in our daily lives. Roofing is undoubtedly an important structure in homes that provides shelter. Thanks to technology, there has been a massive improvement in roof systems. There are a number of great emerging roofing technologies that are taking over the primitive technologies in the construction world.

In the past decade, there have been massive concerns about environmental health and the safety of materials used in the construction world. More precisely, roof design materials were at the forefront of these concerns raised. There are a few advanced roofing technologies that make homes very beautiful,  energy-efficient, and durable.

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Roof Technology

Roof Technology is the modern advancement of roof systems (Products – DomodRoof) in terms of material make-up, colour, design and structure. Technology forms the backbone of modern life and all aspects of life development. To ensure the best efficiency and workability, roof technology is the way forward.

Emerging roofing technologies: New Trends In Roofing

Lately, there has been a great paradigm shift in the trends of roofing. Notably amongst them is the eco-friendly roofing system trend. According to the WHO guidance for climate resilient and environmentally sustainable health care facilities,  the ozone layer is depleting so fast and thus, the need to make use of ecosystem friendly materials. Here is a list of the new trends in roofing:

  • Synthetic Roofing Materials
  • Cool Roofings 
  • Flat Roofs
  • Silicone Roof Coatings
  • Green Roofing

Synthetic Roofing Materials is one of the modern trends in roofing where the roof is designed from polyurethane. This synthetic material is very durable, light-weight, unique in design and has the ability to withstand large force. Moreover, they do not rot, warp or lose their colour with time.

Cool Roofings are one great trend that has changed the face of roofing in the world. Gone are the days when the sun scorches on roofs and gradually destroys them. Cool roofing has the special ability to reflect heat from the sun to ensure the home is cool. Additionally, they improve the lifespan of the roof.

Flat Roof is one of the emerging roofing technologies that may be seen as unusual. These roofs are flat rather than being made to slope at certain angles. Flat Roofs are cost-effective and create a modern looking home. An additional advantage of the flat roof is its ability to support solar panels better and maintain an eco-friendly environment. Contact us for your flat roof or any metal roof construction.

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Silicone Roof Coatings are the best trend for homeowners who want to effect changes in their roof without replacing the entire roof. It is possible to add new coats to an already existing roof to improve its durability. When the coatings are made, it provides leak-proof structures and also prevents cracks and prevent exposure to the sun rays. 

Green Roofing is popularly known as a vegetation roof. It is a roofing trend that aims at ensuring the safety of the environment. They create a natural and safe habitat and reduce acid rain as well as providing insulation to your home.

Green roofing
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Moreover, green roofing has the ability to absorb rainwater and also provide shade and a high level of insulation. 

Latest Roofing Technology

The latest roofing technology is solar shingle. Solar shingles are the relatively latest and modern technology designed to provide durability and flexibility. They use solar energy from the sun to generate power (energy) from household activities. 

According to research, energy power ranging between 13 and 60 watts are generated by a single solar shingle. In addition to this, solar shingles are constructed to withstand rain, wind and are aesthetically pleasing. Solar Shingles last between 20 to 30 years at maximum energy input.

Commercial Roofing Technology

Roofing innovation has progressed rapidly over the years. Commercial Roofing Technologies such as Computer Aid Design and other software makes it simpler for the advancement of roofing. Commercial roofing products have been designed to improve the lifespan, resistance to extreme temperatures, and efficiency of the environment. 

New Roofing Materials

The world has witnessed some great advancement in roofing materials ranging from wood, vegetation roofing to recycled rubber roofing. Others include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, cedar roofing and other materials. Some new roofing materials are metal tiles, metal shakes, and composite materials. 

Composite roof materials are materials that have been made from either the combination of metal, plastic or ceramic materials.

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Recycled Rubber Roofing

One of the modern eco-friendly roofing materials that have emerged is recycled rubber roofing. This roofing is made up of about 95% of recycled materials. From the developers of the material, their intention was to save landfills from overflowing with more used tyres. It is worth knowing that the scrap material used in the roof can be recycled again, thus helping to eliminate excess waste. This is one of the modern emerging roofing technologies that are environmentally friendly.

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Additionally, recycled rubber roofing does not need as much maintenance like other roofing types. They also provide a high level of insulation thus, saving money on utility bills. 

Roofing is an essential aspect to protect assets and buildings. Finding the best-fit roofing materials that are emerging roofing technologies is very important. In order to create an ecosystem friendly world, you have to understand what entails in roofing technologies.