Roofing sheets are made up of materials that define what type of roofing sheet it is. There are many kinds of roofing sheets in Ghana. If you are in search of the price of roofing sheets in Ghana, this article will give you well-detailed information on how roofing prices are derived and what you should expect when buying roofing sheets in Ghana.

The price of a roofing sheet in Ghana differs in terms of its material component. Domod roofing sheets are amongst the most economical when it comes to the price of roofing sheets in Ghana. In this case, we will be looking at metal roofing sheets.

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When buying metal roofing sheets in Ghana, you must consider the type of roofing sheet that you want to get. There are various types of metallic roofing sheets that you can consider based on your location, use and budget. Domod Roofing offers Precoated Aluminium roofing sheets and Aluzinc roofing sheets for any building project, be it residential, industrial or commercial.

Types of roofing sheets and prices in Ghana

As mentioned earlier, the type of roofing sheet is determined by the kind of material used for it. Domod Roof has some of the best types of roofing sheets you can find in Ghana. You can choose from our distinct Precoated Aluminium sheets and Aluzinc Sheets when considering the type of roofing sheets for your building.

These roofing materials are well tested and have proven to be very good materials for our tropical climate.

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Price of Aluminium roofing sheets in Ghana

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Aluminium roofing sheets are amongst the common type of roofing sheets in Ghana. Below is the price of roofing sheets in Ghana for our Precoated Aluminium Standard sheets.

Material Thickness x length Number of Pieces Price
Aluminium 0.50mm x 875mm x 2.45m

0.60mm x 875mm x 2.45m



GHC 3,038.49

GHC 3,739.68

Aluzinc roofing sheets Ghana

Material Thickness x Length Number of Pieces Price
Aluzinc 0.40mm x 875mm x 2.45m

0.45mm x  875mm x2.45m



GHC 2,921.63

GHC 3,096.92

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These prices can help estimate how much it costs to add a roof to your building project. Contact us for free expert consultation for your roofing project

If you are in need of specific pricing for a 2 bedroom house, 3 bedroom house, office complex, church or any other form of building project then you can use our estimator to get exact amounts for your project. Domod Roof is here to assist you with the price of roofing sheets in Ghana.