Pre coated 100% pure Aluminium

Pre coated 100% pure Aluminium

Our 100% Pure Aluminium corrugated sheet is a preferred choice for use in buildings and installations. Aluminium corrugated sheet does not fade or rust in any kind of environment. Even in highly-corrosive industrial environments, Aluminium roofing sheet is resistant to fumes and vapors of carbon-based compounds and to chemicals. It is mostly recommended when the project is located less than 5km from the coast/sea or a heavy industrial area.

Why choose Aluminium

Lightweight, yet strong

Aluminium weighs only one-third of steel (2.7 g/cm3). In addition to making it easier to handle in a factory or on a building site, aluminium’s light weight also translates into reduced energy consumption during transportation, making Aluminium not just a lightweight and versatile choice of material, but also an economically viable one.

Great reflector

Aluminum is a good reflector of visible light and heat. Roofs made of aluminum are invaluable in reducing internal solar heat within a house, by reflecting up to 95% of sunlight. Also, the high energy efficiency in reflectors reduces energy consumption, adding to aluminium’s superiority over most metals.

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium reacts with the oxygen in the air, forming a protective oxide coating that makes it corrosion resistant. This means less maintenance and replacements compared to other materials.

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