Domod Snaploc (D-SNAPLOC)

The Product

Domod Snaploc

Domod Snaploc (D-SNAPLOC) roof is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology and is excellent for low pitched roofs.

No screws visible and no application of sealant in the capillary grove which prevents leakage by capillary action. D-Snaploc has an elegant look of a traditional standing seam system with superior performance in strength and durability

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Product Details

  • Reliable – D-SNAPLOC roof ensures adequate drainage from rain, thus solving water leakage problems. The system is specially designed to handle the effects from thermal movements.
  • Re-roofing – D-SNAPLOC roofs can be installed in most re-roofing projects, right over the existing built-up roofs, eliminating costly and time consuming tear-offs.
  • No sealant: D-SNAPLOC is engineered to avoid sealants during the installation process. Sealants in roofs are not reliable due to the fact that they harden and break after a few years leading to possible leakage.
  • Production Length– This is based on customer's woodwork specifications

Product Features

Sheet Width:  500 mm
Effective coverage: 350 mm
Depth: 38 mm
Maximum Span / Length: No matter the length we have you covered.
Onsite Production: With our Mobile Corrugator, we are able to produce to your required specifications.

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