Domod Light Steel Frames

The Product

Domod Light Steel Frames

Domod Light Steel Frames is a state of the art building and roofing solution with various applications suited to your numerous residential or commercial construction needs. The quality of our Light Steel Frames has earned us a reputation as one of the steel companies in Ghana.

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Product Details

Types of Profiles

  • C and U Profiles (89mm/63mm webs)
  • 40mm Furring Channel (Purlin)
  • 22mm Furring Channel (Ceiling Batten)

Profile Thickness and Yield Strength

  • Aluzinc: 0.80mm & 1mm / G550/AZ150
  • Galvanized: 0.80mm & 1mm / G550/Z275

Light Steel Frames can be used for:

1. Steel Trusses

Using a faster, affordable and better construction technology, we provide our customers with premium quality steel trusses tailored and manufactured to suit all roof and construction designs. Domod Roof Steel Trusses are the most reliable, robust and long lasting solution for your roof/ structure. Call us today!!!

2. Wall Panels

  • Internal partitions
  • External and internal walls (Frames for dry walls)
  • Cabinet framework
  • Supporting frames for worktops/platforms

3. Floor Joist

  • Mezzanine floors  
  • Support for roof slabs
  • Supporting beams

Why use Light Steel Frames

  • It is lightweight yet very durable

    The strength of our light steel frames makes an ideal building material for roofs and building types - from modular and pre-fabricated units, to multi-story hotels, hospitals, schools as well as stand-alone multi-story housing. Our product is suited to almost any type of building design or application and with one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all construction materials. It is possible to produce architectural designs not possible with traditional methods.

  • It is corrosion resistant

    Steel frames are hot-dipped in metallic coating of either a zinc-aluminum alloy, or almost pure zinc (galvanized). These coatings conform to the appropriate national standards or their equivalent. When exposed, these products have excellent durability. Where there are drill holes and cut edges, the galvanic action or sacrificial protection of the coatings protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion.

  • It is cost-effective

    Steel is more economical and dependable. Erection of a steel frame building takes less time to finish as the frame is solid and square so doors and windows can be easily incorporated into the design. We supply frames pre-assembled, strong and straight, and clearly identifiable. No on-site welding or cutting is usually required. This means that the erection process is fast and simple and shorter construction lead time results in savings on your projects. Framing with steel has less than 2% waste, whereas wood has up to 20% waste with splitting, warping, swell, rots and off cuts. It also does not need to be treated for mold or termites and are free of resin adhesives and chemicals normally present in other construction materials.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Steel is 100% recyclable, reducing the overall environmental impact of any waste created. Additionally, Light Gauge Steel is a ‘dry’ system, which means there is no need to use (often limited) water resources for mixing cement or other materials.

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