Most roofings are estimated to last for an average of 40 to 50 years or more depending on the type of roof and materials used. However, conditions such as heavy rainfall, strong wind, and very hot intense temperatures could call for roof repairs faster than usual. We’ll be talking about everything you need to know about roof repairs.

 Importance of roof repairs

Roofs play an essential role in providing comfort and protection to a home. A well-maintained roof not only secures your home but also adds value to it. It may be a pain to spend extra money on your roof but as the saying goes a stitch in time saves nine. Roof repairs save you from damage that could destroy your entire home or building.

Timely roof repairs enable you to identify roofing problems that could cause severe damage to your roof as a result of exposure to harsh weather conditions. To give your roof a longer life span, timely roof repairs are necessary.

They also prevent existing problems from escalating. Roofing problems no matter how small they are can quickly turn into huge problems that could cost you more money than what you’re trying to save from neglecting your roof problems. Thus, you must repair your roof once you discover the slightest hitch.

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It is also important to note that roof repairs keep your roof and home looking beautiful for a long time. Imagine putting a lot of effort into making your home look beautiful then a missing tile or crack shingle or you adjusting part of the roof with stones because it is coming off. The whole house automatically becomes unattractive and loses its value.

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 Types of roof repairs

There are different types of roof repairs depending on the type of roof and the problem that needs fixing. Here are a few of the types that you should know.

 Gutter maintenance repair

Gutters actually do a lot for a roof. For your roof to quickly eliminate the accumulation of water from your roofline and send it flowing through the drains, your gutters must be cleaned from time to time to get rid of leaves and other debris that might build up in gutters and cause an overflow which might cause it to detach from your roof. You should call your roofing contractor for timely inspections and repairs.

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  Leaky roof repairs

Leaks are one of the major problems that could cause extensive damage to your roof and building, especially if not taken care of in time. Leaks usually occur when roofing materials begin to wear off. That is why it is important to get roofing materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and last long. You might want to fix a roof leak by yourself but you should hire the services of a professional to find the source of the leak and to repair it extensively and efficiently.

 How much does it cost to fix the roof of a house?

The cost of fixing the roof of a house depends on the problem, the solution, and the estimates are taken. Prices may roughly range from 500 Ghana cedis to 1,000 cedis or more depending on the problem as stated earlier. Consult a professional roofing expert for roof repair prices.


 How do you seal a leaking roof?

A leaking roof can be the worst nightmare. A leaky roof can make enjoying your sleep on a rainy night an impossibility or could cause you the embarrassment of your life. Imagine having a visitor over then it begins to rain so you have to resort to pots and pans to keep your room from getting wet. Calling an expert is the best way you can fix a leaking roof but a little DIY wouldn’t hurt especially if it is just a small spot on the roof that causes the leak.

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The first step of sealing your leak problem is by inspecting the roof to be able to detect the cause of the leak which could be from a torn or punctured sheets collection of dirt in gutter or roof valley, and worn out or weakened waterproof tightness.

Once you’ve identified the problem, get the right equipment and gear needed for sealing the leak. The gear must include

  • Overalls
  • Solid non-slip shoes
  • A helmet
  • Thick gloves and other protective gear, a pair of goggles might also come in handy

Equipment that you might need also include

  • Similar material of the roof
  • Roof sealer
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Mortar
  • Hammer
  • Crowbar
  • Nails
  • Caulk gun

Once you have all the necessary tools and gear, you can proceed to remove the damaged area. The crowbar is useful here but it depends on the type of roof.

The next step is to fix cracks if you find any. Repair cracks with sealants and replace the part of the roof you took with replacement and seal it with sealant.

Once you’re done, pour a bucket of water in the sealed area and observe. No leakage after shows you’ve done a good job. If there’s still a leakage, then you should call in an expert.

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Can I replace my roof myself?

Doing a few roof repairs by yourself is not a bad idea. However, the questions you should be asking yourself are if you can do it yourself or if you should do it yourself. I wouldn’t advise that you should do patches yourself much less to replace them yourself.

You may be able to fix a leak but replacing a roof is a different ball game altogether. Replacing your roof requires that you take estimates that you may not be able to take yourself.

Aside from that, replacing a roof needs professional guidance so that the problem that you’re trying to curb is completely resolved so that you don’t have similar problems with your roof later. Therefore you shouldn’t replace your roof by yourself.

 What is the best product for roof leaks?

If you happen to find a leak on your roof the product you should be looking at using is a leak sealant or leak cement mostly for Aluminium or Aluzinc sheets. You can also use these products

  • Liquid rubber waterproof sealant for both indoor or outdoor
  • Waterproof patch and seal tape
  • Liquid rubber RV roof coating (for RV roofs)
  • Rubber seal liquid rubber waterproofing coating and liquid rubber colour waterproof sealant (for flat roofs)

 Common roof repairs

Here are some common roof repairs that you should know.

  • Sealing/ Patching: This is when you have leaks in your roof. To seal leaks or cracks, you’ll need to use sealants or leak cement.
  • Flat roof and metal roof repairs
  • Regular roof maintenance
  • Full roof replacement/ proper installation

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  Roof repair tips

Here are some roof repair tips to help you prevent salvage damages on your roof before it further deteriorates.

You should note that is the difference between replacing, patching and repairing and the situations that call for them.

You repair or patch your roof when the damage is not serious or extensive like a cracked, loose or missing shingle/ roof tile and discolouration. However, replacing your roof is totally changing the roof. The best times to replace your roof are when a large part of the roof is coming off, there is a serious leak or when a large tree has fallen on or through the roof and has weakened the roof or damaged its structure. Replacing a roof should be done strictly by professionals only to avoid harm and further damage.

You should do a routine on your roof from time to time to detect any problems. While doing that, regularly clear your gutters of all debris.

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