Do you agree that it is a good habit always to ask questions? Sometimes, when we engage the service of roofers, we fail to ask important questions and get answers to problems we may face in future. Well, it is practical and never unacceptable to ask questions so, in this article, we are going to introduce you to the 5 most important questions to ask your roofing contractor in Ghana, before or after you sign that deal.

What should I look for in a roofing contractor?

The following are some of the things to keep an eye on when engaging the service of a roofing contractor in Ghana

  • Work history 

Just as employers require job applicants to submit their resumes for examination and keep them informed, always be sure to research the work history of the roofing contractor in Ghana that you choose to work with. With the internet providing an abundance of information and access to useful sources without much stress, find out what work has been done in the past by the potential contractor.

  • Good reputation

A good name really is better than riches and so you may not necessarily need a contractor with a fancy office. Instead, your ideal contractor could be the local roofing guy who has a reputation for working diligently and is trustworthy.

  • Proper work ethics

A roofing contractor who is guided by values and principles at his workplace will make sure to leave your property in good shape, avoid unnecessary disturbance and clean up properly after work.

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  • Good communication

The ability to communicate challenges and difficulties effectively is essential in any given relationship under all circumstances.

  • Accessibility

A roofing contractor that you choose should be reachable during and after their work is done in order for communication and maintenance to be carried out properly and effectively. A contractor or roofing company in Ghana that is not easily accessible to property owners and potential clients may not be the most reliable choice. At Domod Roof we deem a project to have been completed after installations have been inspected, passed and handed over to the satisfied client by our roofing experts.  Our customer care unit is available to respond to all customer complaints within 48hours.

  •  Availability

Your roofing contractor should be available for work, especially during the stipulated working hours.

  • A good negotiator

You will need a roofing contractor in Ghana who has the ability to skillfully negotiate material prices to benefit and suit your budget and financial capabilities.

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How to negotiate with a roofing company

Whenever you’re making any deal of any kind, there is first the predominant need for negotiation. And, in order to get the best service and work done for the safety and aesthetic of your home, here are a few pointers to consider when negotiating with a roofing company;

  • Knowledge and information are key

Carry out a lot of research as much as you can, on the occupation of roofing, cost and quality difference of materials, maintenance and other relative issues.

  • Multiple offers or options

Do not limit yourself to negotiating with just one contractor. Opening conversations with multiple service providers always gives you an edge over negotiations. Roofing companies or firms will always try to beat the competition by making the best offer for the client. Even when you have decided which company to go with, never completely be closed to the idea of looking at quotes from other roofing companies or contractors.

  • Financial commitment

Make an acceptable offer for a down payment. As important as it may seem to make an offer that cannot be refused, giving up too much leaves the property owner at the mercy of the artisan if you’re not dealing with a roofing company in Ghana.

  • Budget

Draw up a budget that you can discuss with potential firms and stick to it.

Are roofing estimates negotiable?

Depending on what materials and of what quality a property owner may choose to use for their home or property, the estimated cost of a roofing job or installation may be reduced considerably. You can have an early look at some of the best estimate offers available at Domod Roof.

How do you tell if roofers are doing a good job?

How does anyone tell if workers are doing a good job of delivering the best service as expected? First of all, as the owner of the property and the employer of the service of a roofing company in Ghana, you must dedicate time to be present during the work period in order to supervise and notice any discrepancies. 

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  • Attention to detail

You can tell a roofer is doing a good job by how much attention they pay to the minutest detail and how they believe it contributes to their work in general

  • Quality of materials

When your roofer or roofing company in Ghana that you choose to go with is concerned and insists on using the product or material with the best durability and lifespan instead of the cheapest, they will do a good job

  • Speed

Where great care is taken to undertake an exercise or project, the best results can be expected. Speed is effective, but when roofers move unexpectedly fast, it raises concern about whether or not the right layers have been properly installed and diligent work done.

Is roofing a difficult job?

Roofing is a physically demanding job which requires apt attention, dedication and the application of caution. The delicate nature of doing a good roofing job proves beyond all doubt that roofing is indeed a difficult job. Over the years, roofing contractors have been known to mostly be physically fit individuals.

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What are the 3 skills listed for a roofer?

To earn the trust of property owners, a roofer must have the following 3 skills;

  • Understand and be able to read building plans, blueprints and other relative images
  • Have an eye for beauty and style
  • Numerical accuracy

Do you need a permit to be a roofer in Ghana?

For the sake of protecting the interests of both property owners, professional service providers and the general public, the registrar general will examine, approve and subsequently issue the appropriate certification once an application is submitted. To acquire any licence in construction, it is important to have/get an education in construction.

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What to do before signing a roofing contract

Look at multiple offers and pick one that best suits your budget and vision. Find out about warranties, liabilities, maintenance services, legitimacy of the roofing company in Ghana, work schedule and time frame for completion. Personally check from multiple sources on the market, the cost and quality of materials provided by the roofing company or contractor before signing a roofing contract. You should also discuss and agree on a payment plan and have it stated in your construct. 

Hiring a roofer checklist

Be sure to check the following off your list before you settle on a roofing contractor in Ghana to hire;

  • Make sure the contractor is a professional.
  • Ensure that the roofer is physically fit for the challenges of the job.
  • Ensure that the roofing company or contractor has insurance. 
  • Always check to make sure the roofer is verifiable.
  • The possibility of a written estimate being provided.

Always remember to ask your roofing contractor in Ghana these 5 important questions;

  1. What is your workforce?
  2. Do you offer after-sales service?
  3. What are your priorities as a roofing contractor?
  4. What are the challenges likely to arise in the work ahead?
  5. Why should I hire you and not others?

Offering a range of professional services in construction, Domod Roof has in our over 15 years of experience, provided Ghanaians with trustworthy solutions. We offer a wide range of roofing products that continue to impress and exceed customer expectations. Contact Domod Roof for the best experience in roof installations, materials, maintenance and any challenges or questions you may have.