No building can exist on its own without a roofing sheet or a roofing structure in place. There are a lot of roofing sheets in Ghana for modern homes one can consider for their building project. The roofing of a building can determine if your structure which you have invested so much into will stand the test of time. A strong roof normally means a solid structure.

Modern homes in Ghana

Find below some beautiful pictures of modern homes in Ghana.

modern homes in ghana
Rockvile Place, Kumasi


modern homes in ghana
Luxury apartments at Cantonments, Accra


modern homes in ghana
Okumani Apartments, Accra


modern homes in ghana
Hallmark Apartments, East Legon


modern homes in ghana
Apartment, East Legon

The beauty of these modern homes in Ghana is simply enviable. Some are available for rent or for sale but in all, you can get such beautiful structures with quality roofing from Domod.

Types of Roofing Sheets In Ghana

In Ghana, there are so many types of roofing sheets. Choosing an inferior material because of the cost to roof your property will bring dire consequences in the short run. As such, it is very important you know the various types of roofing sheets in Ghana as well as the roofing materials to help you make a substantiated decision in regards to your building project.

roofing, roofing sheets in ghana

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Roofing Sheet Companies in Ghana

Domod Roof is your leading expert in Metal Roofing in Ghana and amongst the best roofing sheet companies in Ghana. We are dedicated to providing quality affordable roofing and cladding solutions as well as distinct, quality, and dependable roofing sheets in Ghana.

 We have been roofing Ghana and beyond for over a decade, showing that we can only serve quality! Domod Roof is a brand you can trust.

price of roofing sheets in Ghana

Aluzinc Roofing Sheets Ghana

This type of roofing sheet contains a mixture of Aluminium and Zinc. Aluzinc has the ability to repair itself which makes the material resistant to corrosion caused by scratches.  

You can check for the price of Aluminium roofing sheets as well as Aluzinc sheets here.

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For the cost of a 4 bedroom house in Ghana or any type of building, you can use our estimator tool to get a free quote for your project. Getting the right roofing sheets in Ghana is key as it will add to the aesthetics of your building. 

roofing sheets in ghana

You can contact us concerning any project you are working on and our professionally trained engineers will assist you in your decision making while offering you quality information. Domod Roof is here to assist you with the best kind of roofing sheets in Ghana for modern homes.