The beauty of roofing is dependent on the designs the roof is used to craft or the design with which the roofs are made. There are some secret roofing designs in Ghana that impact the beauty and workability of roofs. Secret roofing designs derived its name from the fact that it is hidden from the public eye and not easily seen.

Knowing much about the nature of roofing will help you select the best roofing designs that will best suit your home. The construction industry has seen massive improvements using modern technology. Ghana as a developing country has not been up to the task in the design creativity in roofing. We have not been able to make use of roofing designs that better suit the functionalities of a roof and give additional features. Secret roofing designs in Ghana are springing up and this article highlights all you need to know.

Secret Roofing Designs In Ghana: What Is Secret Roofing?

Secret roofing designs are roofing designs that consist of a roof that is not seen by the public. It is designed in such a way as to hide the roofing from being visible to the public. Thus enhancing the beauty of the house. The pitch of the roof is constructed at an angle between 0 to 10 degrees and is out of view to the public with the help of short walls constructed at the tips of the roof.

The nature and visibility of some roofs limit the beauty of the building. Some roofs become unpleasant to the eye when they start rusting or their colour starts to fade out.

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There are a number of secret roofing designs in Ghana that constructors recommend for buildings. It varies from simple ones to more complicated designs. Roof designers design secret roofs by adopting two roofs. The second one acts as the eaves of the roof and can only be viewed from the bottom. The first roof, which is popularly known as the cosmetic roof, is the main roof.

How Can I Hide My Roof?

Based on the nature of the roof, it could be converted into full secret roofing. Nevertheless, some roofing might be impossible to redesign into secret roofing unless there are total changes. Seek roofing advice from Domod Roof about how to hide roofs.

How Can I Make My Roof Energy-Efficient?

You can improve the energy efficiency of your roof in the following ways:

  • Ensuring proper roof ventilation.
  • Selecting a light colour for your roof.
  • Improving insulation under the roof.
  • Adding solar panels to the roof.
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What Colour Roof Is Most Energy Efficient?

As said earlier, lightly coloured roofs are the most energy-efficient. This is because they reflect light and heat very well as compared to the dark coloured roofs.

What Is a Parapet Roof?

A Parapet roof is a roofing design that consists of walls erected upwards past the roof around its edges.

Parapet roofing improves upon the safety and beauty of the roof. It can be regarded as a roof design related to that of a secret roofing design system.

Advantages Of Secret Roofing

Secret roofing designs have a number of benefits in the construction world. Here are a number of the advantages of secret roofing designs in Ghana:

1. Low cost:

Roofing materials used in secret roofing designs construction are less costly compared to other roofing types. They are quite economical and thus makes them low budget-friendly. Secret roofing designs in Ghana are gradually becoming common.

2. Modernisation and Beauty:

Secret roofing designs are great and modern architectural style and thus makes them very adapted to the environment. These roofing designs make the house beautiful and attractive.

3. Easy installation:

There is quite an ease in installing secret roofing designs. They do not require as many trusses as some other roofing designs and saves time. Depending on the size of the building, a secret roofing system in Ghana can be installed within a few days. Moreover, labour is cheap due to the fewer risks involved in installing secret roof designs.

4. Easy repairs and maintenance:

Due to the fact that the secret roofing system is not visible to the public, patches or repairs will also not be seen by the public. There is an ease in the repair and maintenance of these roofing designs since the cost required in the repairs is quite cheaper than other roofing designs. Additionally, they are easy to climb and inspect.

5. Creation of space:

There is much space on the roof which can be used for other purposes. Most often, these spaces are utilized by placing air conditioning units on them.

Disadvantages Of Secret Roofing Designs

Here are some disadvantages associated with secret roofing designs in Ghana.

1. Drainage issue:

Due to the covering of the sides of the roof with short walls, water remains on top of the roof for a very long time. This becomes more complicated if the engineering designs of the roof gutters and slope are not performed by experts. Secret roofing designs do not drain efficiently as a normal roof is supposed to.

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2. Short lifespan:

The materials used in the construction of secret roofings makes it last for about 15 years. Compared to the other roofs that have a lifespan of about 30 to 40 years, secret roofings are deficient.

3. Regular maintenance:

Due to the presence of the short walls at the sides of the roof of secret roofings, they block waste materials, refuse, plant debris and other materials from falling freely from the roof.

Moreover, the low inclination of the roof is also a contributing factor to the blockage of refuse on the roof. Thus, there is the need for regular maintenance to clean up the roof.

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4. Instability:

As the area of the roofing increases, the stability of secret roofing designs decrease. In this regard, homeowners have to compensate for this by placing large weights of materials in the building.

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Can Roofs Be Flat?

The term “flat” qualifies how the nature of the roof is. For flat roofs, there is uniformity with little or no sloping.  Flat roofs have an inclination between their pitches and the roofs ranging between 0 to 10 degrees.

In most cases, flat roofs remain unnoticed by many.

Can Leakage Damage Flat Roofs?

Just like any other roofing system, a flat roof can leak. Due to the flat nature of the flat roof, the water doesn’t have anywhere to go but straight down. This will lead to moisture seeping into the roof material. Additionally, it will create an environmental condition that will favour the growth of mould and fungus.

How Do You Keep A Flat Roof From Water Damage?

The following are some activities that prevent a flat roof from damaging by means of water leakages:

  • Frequently inspect and clean your roof itself and the roof gutters.
  • Desilt the roof gutters and sea leaves, dirt and garbages on the roof.
  • You can have your roof to be sealed with a waterproof coating.
  • Anytime you detect cracks or leakages, solve them as soon as possible.

Knowing about the importance, disadvantages and details of secret roofing designs in Ghana, you will have a fair idea of how to select your roof design. Contact Domod Roof to get more information on roof design types and styles in Ghana and if you need secret roofing designs in Ghana for your project.