In modern-day construction, Steel has proven to be one of the basic and popular materials because of its proven strength and durability. In Ghana, constructing with steel has gained some popularity with Light Steel Frames being preferred for the construction of trusses and pillars. Hence, it is important to purchase from the best steel companies in Ghana.

Domod’s Light Steel Frames has earned us the reputation of one of the best steel companies in Ghana. 

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon containing less than 2% carbon and 1% manganese and small amounts of silicon, phosphorus, sulphur and oxygen. Steel is the world’s most important engineering and construction material. 

Steel Companies In Ghana

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Why Build or Construct With Steel?

It is cost-effective thus represents value for money and brings peace of mind. Residential steel framing members are lightweight, easy to handle, and manufactured in conditions that allow strict quality control.

  • Steel frames do not need to be treated for mold and are free of resin adhesives and chemicals normally present in other construction materials.
  • Galvanized Steel will not crack, shrink, splinter, creep, split, warp, swell or rot. Steel is impervious to termites and wood-destroying insects.

Domod Light Steel Frames

Domod steel trusses are the most reliable, robust and long-lasting solution for your roof structure making it a preferred choice for the construction of steel trusses. Our Light Steel Frames over the years have proven to be quality and dependable making us a trusted brand and among the top steel companies in Ghana even though we are primarily a roofing company in Ghana.

Steel Companies In Ghana

Steel is more cost-effective and dependable. The erection of a steel frame building takes less time to finish as the frame is solid and square. Doors and windows can be easily incorporated into the design. Framing with steel has less than 2% waste, whereas wood has up to 20% waste with splitting, warping and offcuts.

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What are the environmental benefits of Light Steel Frame?

The overall recycling rate of the steel industry worldwide is 66%, offering an environmentally sound home framing alternative. Steel framing scrap is a valuable commodity that should not end up in waste disposal. About 60% of all steel in use today has been produced from recycled scrap. 

Do steel frames rust?

Steel frames are hot-dipped in the metallic coating of either a zinc-aluminum alloy or almost pure zinc (galvanized). When exposed, these products have excellent durability. Where there are drill holes and cut edges the galvanic action, or sacrificial protection, of the coatings, protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion.

We provide a warranty for up to 50 years for our Light Steel Frames

What are the advantages of Light Steel frames for your roof (Steel Trusses)?

  1. Lightweight, but durable, allowing for easy handling.
  2. Steel does not warp with age and a high-quality finish is maintained over the full life-span of the building which enhances the aesthetics of the roof design.
  3. The installation of the LSF roof structure is quicker than the use of timber.
  4. Trusses are engineered to be accurate.
  5. Steel frames are termite-proof.
  6. No wastage on-site, since all the trusses are designed and engineered to fit a structure.
  7. As in most cases, light steel is a more cost-effective option as compared to other roofing frames.

Steel Companies In Ghana

Buying quality products and steel frames for your roof can never be compromised. It is very important to know that your roof will last for long and hence investing in the quality of your roof with trusted steel companies in Ghana is paramount while adding to the aesthetics of your building. 

You can contact us for Light Steel Frames for all your steel roof trusses.