In this modern world, steel trusses play a great role in construction as they are prioritized over wood. Since everybody craves the best, there is the need to trust the trusses we make use of in our activities.

When constructing your new house, it is very important to select the right roof truss system. Trusses are the framework that provides shape and support to roofing material. Roof trusses are formed using triangular structural units which form a structure above the interior spaces and the roofing system.

Steel trusses have taken over from timber and other roofing frames as the most popularly used in many advanced countries. Moreover, in developing countries like Ghana and other African states, steel trusses are gradually replacing primitive timber frames.

The major materials used in the construction of trusses are wood and metals. These materials have a great effect on the strength and life span of the building and thus steel trusses are the best. Wood trusses are inferior to steel trusses in all aspects as steel trusses have proven to be more advantageous.

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Differences Between  Steel Trusses And Wooden Trusses

According to research, steel trusses have surpassed other roofing structures due to some advantages they possess. Some of these advantages include its lightweight, eco-friendly nature, extreme durability, strength, fire resistance, and durability. In addition to all these qualities, steel trusses are a great value for money.

Additionally, steel trusses don’t require the need of chemical treatments to maintain the frame and are not subject to insect infestations.

Steel trusses are far more rigid compared to wood trusses which make for easier handling and installation.

On the other hand, wood trusses need some form of chemical treatments to prevent insects from destroying them. Wood trusses are susceptible to fire and their durability is not the best. Moreover, these wooden trusses pose a very large weight on the building and weaken the building.

Steel trusses are resistant to mould whereas wood trusses are very susceptible to it.

The corrosion-resistant nature of  steel trusses enhances their ability to last longer than all other roofing material

Roofs need the best support and shape and thus, are very necessary to produce good construction work. Steel trusses are pre-engineered in factories using materials of high quality to make them very efficient than wooden trusses.

There are a lot of roof trusses in the market to consider for your construction projects. Therefore, the process of choosing the best product for your project can be a bit challenging. To select the best roofing frame for your building, there are some factors to consider. Typically, the selection will be determined by the architectural design or style, roofing material, and supporting column (pillar).

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Light Steel Frames

Another important part of roof construction is the selection of a good roofing frame. Since frames complement trusses for making a good roofing system, you should select the one you trust. Similarly, with trusses, the selection of frames is a bit challenging.

According to engineers, light steel frames are the best to make use of when building any form of structure. It is known that a great advantage of a light steel frame is its versatility and the range of building types for which it can be used. Moreover, it is applied in structures ranging from low buildings to multi-story buildings.

The cost-effectiveness, high quality, and performance of light steel framing make it more advantageous in performing its function over wood and other materials. Light steel frames are fabricated from galvanized steel strips to add strength to structures.

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Advantages Of Light Steel Frames

  1. They are easily handled, light in weight, and durable.
  2. Their level of accuracy is high compared to other framing materials.
  3. Light steel frames resist corrosion.
  4. In terms of cost, they are very cost-effective as compared to the other roofing frames.
  5. They are termite-proof and cannot be destroyed by insects as compared to wooden frames.

Trust the trusses and take advantage of them to secure your dream home. Steel trusses and light steel frames are engineering structures and thus are intended to solve problems. More importantly, light Steel frames are recyclable making them environmentally friendly.

Why You Should Trust The Trusses And Frames Of Domod Roof

Domod Roof is one of the few best roofing companies in Ghana and is well known for its good works in roofing. Metallic trusses and light steel frames engineered by Domod Roof have a good lifespan and suit best in the harsh weather conditions in Ghana and Africa. Additionally, roofing materials from Domod Roof are very well made with quality materials to improve their workability even in the worst environmental conditions.

Ghana Architecture House Builds With Domod Trusses

Domod trusses, known popularly as Light Steel Frames, were used in the construction of the new building of the Ghana house of Architects; a significant mark! This great milestone emphasises the quality of our trusses making them a preferred choice for the construction of steel trusses.

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