The hidden roof or secret roof as it is known in some circles, has become a common sight in most buildings today. It is very common in urban areas and can be used in almost any building. The hidden roof is one out of many other roofing designs where the pitch of the roof is at an angle below 10 degrees and is hidden out of sight by short walls. These types of roofing are normally spotted on luxury apartment buildings.

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Here are some reasons why so many people have fallen in love with the hidden roof design. 

1. Easy Installation

Installing a pitched roof takes expertise and skill to get it right. A hidden roof also takes the same level of experience but it is much easier to install as compared to a traditional pitched roof. You will not require scaffolds and ladders in order to install the roof. Since it is a secret roof, professionals can walk around the roof to complete the installation. A hidden roof can be installed within a day depending on its size.

2. Easy to Repair

Almost every roof would require repair during its lifespan. The same is true for hidden roof plans. However, it is easier to repair as compared to a traditional pitched roof. Repair, just like the installation will not require the use of scaffolds and ladders to mount the roof. Hidden roofs can be repaired without any visible sign of repair since they are hidden from the general public.

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3. Classy Design

The modern house designs, architectural plans, and building plans are mostly built around hidden roofs. Secret roofs add aesthetics to the external design of houses and give it a modern-day luxury feel. Many hidden roof houses in Ghana are high-end properties related to luxury

4. Cost

The price of roofing sheets and materials can be quite costly. A hidden roof is more economical and helps save some money when budgeting for a roof. Hidden or Secret roofs have trusses but not as many as a pitched roof. Hence the lower price range for hidden roofs.

Disadvantaged of Hidden Roofs

There are however some downsides to hidden roofs. Even though these kinds of roofs are hidden, there are still some disadvantages or issues that could be encountered.

1.  Lack of Drainage

If the roof has a wide surface area, it will require a more complex drainage system to prevent water from clogging up on areas of the roof which could lead to leakages and damage over time. Because the roof is surrounded by a wall which causes it to be hidden, it makes it easy for rainwater to remain on the roof if the height of the pitch and slope of the gutters are not properly engineered and installed.

2. Regular Maintenance

Debris can gather on the roof over time because the walls around the roof prevent it from sliding down. Hidden roofs should be inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure that you don’t have any unwanted debris or animals on your roof for a long period of time as this can also clog your drainage. Pitched roofs will not have these problems as debris would just slide down the roof.

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3. Shorter Lifespan

Most hidden roofs can last for about 10 -15 years as compared to over 30 years for traditional pitch roofs due to the type of materials that are often used for this roof type. Hidden roofs must be inspected and maintained regularly to make sure that the roof is in good condition throughout the year. 

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A well-maintained roof can last a long time. Hidden roofs are a good option for tropical climates and provide the required shelter that all roofs provide. We hope this guide will help you in selecting a roof for your next project.

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