When designing a building, a roof is important. Not only because it protects the building from harsh weather conditions, the rain and whatnot, but it also gives your building a complete and beautiful look. The roof has an important effect on the overall look of the building, so you need to be mindful of the kind of style that you’d like to use. The hip roof is one of the popular roof styles that you’d see around these days.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the beauty of a hip roof and all the nitty-gritty about this type of roof.

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What is a hip roof?

A hip roof is not called hip because of how cool and modern it is. A hip roof in architecture is defined as a roof with four slope surfaces that come up to unite at a ridge called the hip. 

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The design is preferred by a lot of builders because of its durability and luxury look. The design is largely seen in Europe and the USA. Roof installers are also beginning to adopt the style here in Ghana. Hip roofs have no vertical ends known as gables and the end where the slopes meet is the hip end.

Types of hip roofs

There are different types of hip roofs; they are the simple hip roof, crossed hip roof and pyramid hip roof.

  • The Simple hip roof is the most common style which has all four slopes coming together at the top
  • The Cross hip roof is another popular style that’s laid out over L-shaped structures in a vertical manner. The seam forms the cross hipped roof and the two sections join at the end to create a valley
  • The Pyramid hip roof has four equally sized triangular shaped sides that join together at the top of the square structure to form a square.

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The beauty of a hip roof

The beauty of a hip roof is undeniable. Being a widely popular and modern roof design, it is used for luxury buildings because of the high tech engineering involved.

Hip roofs give a building an aesthetic appeal, talk less of the luxury touch they add. The domed shaped ceiling created by the hip roof inside the building gives many options for interior decor.

Aside from their elegant and contemporary look, hip roofs are durable and sturdy due to their four sloping sides. It can be renovated, painted and decorated after some time passes.

They also offer great protection from harsh weather conditions. The sloping sides enable water to flow down toward the rain gutter with a low risk of leakages. The gutters at the bottoms of the roof carry water in a different direction from your building to the draining site that you want which allows you to harvest rainwater. You can get the Valley gutter, IDT gutter, IDT hip caps and rain gutter as well as many other accessories from Domod roof for your roof.

Despite the beauty and simple nature of a hip roof, it is quite expensive to install as compared to the other types of roofs because it requires the use of more building materials and it is also not a DIY type of roof, it requires a very skilled professional to do the installation or any repairs and maintenance.

Moreover, it is difficult to add ventilation because of the nature of the structure. Any damage caused to one side affects the whole roof.

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Is a hip roof strong?

Yes, it is! Due to the way it is installed, a hip roof is well-grounded and sturdy, hence it can withstand any weather condition.

How long can a hip roof last?

A hip roof can last for many years. However, the longevity of a hip roof depends on the material used in building it. It is advisable to use slate, copper, tile and metal to build your hip roof if you want it to last for a very long time. Domod Roof has a variety of roofing materials that would be suitable for your building.

Now that you know all about the beauty of a hip roof, I’m sure you’re eyeing it for your next building project. However, remember that for your hip roof to give your building a luxurious look and protection, it has to be installed properly therefore you need to employ the right roofing company to get the job done!

At Domod roof, we have a team of professional engineers with the skillset to install, maintain and repair any type of roof including a hip roof. You can also contact us for all your quality roofing sheets.