There are so many types of roof designs in Ghana; it can be a little confusing when trying to choose the right design. The roof of any building is undoubtedly the most important aspect of it and why is it so you may ask? This is because it protects you, your family and your possessions from all types of weather conditions and potential harm from porch climbers. 

This article will help you clarify and set right the varying types of roof designs in Ghana so that you can make a much better-informed decision.

13 of the most popular roof designs in Ghana.

With the vast  from leading brands today, choosing an ideal design can be tricky, we at Domod Roofing hope the listed roofs here can help,

  • Flat roof

Not to be confused with the hidden roof, this type of roof design is always almost completely levelled or laid flat to an angle to allow water to flow down it.

secret roofing design, flat roof
Image Source: Ngotho

Unlike its similar-looking counterpart, this type of roof design is reinforced with a truss system and roofing sheets.

  • Parapet roof

 In Ghana, this type of roofing is referred to as the hidden or secret roof. This roofing is built using different types of materials like steel, aluminium, concrete and even glass.

parapet roof, secret roofing designs in Ghana,roofing, roofing sheets

It has a low wall built along the edge of the roof that provides it with a safe barrier to prevent people from falling over.

  • Hip roof design

This is the most common roof design in Ghana; it is also called the hipped roof.

types-of-roofing-styles-for-homes-in-ghana, hip roof

This type of roof design slopes downward from the top and has no vertical ends or gables. It also has a lot of variants like Half hipped and pyramid hip roofs.

  • Pyramid Hip roof

Also referred to as the square hip roof this roofing design has a square-like rectangular base with four sides which usually slope at the same angle. This type of roofing resign is usually used for shingle or small structures of a building like the 


  • Gable roof

This type of roof design comes in many forms and shapes but it always sticks to the idea, which consists of two sections whose upper horizontal edges meet to form a single peak or ridge.

roofing, roofing sheets, gable roof

There are a lot of variations of the gable roof and some of the most popular gable roofing designs in Ghana includes 

  • The box gable roof 
  • The cross gable roof
  •  The front gable roof
  • The gable roof with dormer window
  • The Dutch gable roof


  • Bonnet roof

 This type of roof design looks like a modified version of the hip or gable roof style. It is identified with the extending ledge flowing down from all four sides around the base of the roof. The extended edges around the roof can be very beneficial as they provide excellent shade for the house and protection against rain.


  • Hexagonal gazebo roof

This type of roofing style is designed to form six triangularly identical roofing panels, usually used in gardens. This complex roofing design makes any garden gazebo really stand out. Formed of six triangular identically pitched roof panels and six supporting rafters, this type of roof is most typically used for a beautifully unique gazebo addition to a home or commercial garden lawn. 


  • Dormer roof design

Dormer roofs have windows that protrude from the roof vertically.  Usually, dormer roofs have window features that can open and lead to a space inside the building but in Ghana, most buildings have what we call false or blind dormers; they don’t actually open or lead to any space inside the building, the projection from the roof is to give it a nice aesthetic design. 


  • Curved roof

The curve on the roof gives the building a very unique and interesting feature. This type of roof design in Ghana is used for factory buildings but it can be used for residential buildings to give your home that stunning aesthetic look. 


  • Dome roof

As the name implies the roof takes the shape of a dome. Its iconic shape can be seen on the roof of old churches, mosques and some silos. The shape of the roof makes it durable and memorable. 

  • Combination roof

It is literally a combination of different roofing styles to give an artistic impression. For example, one can combine any form of gable roofing design with a bonnet roof design for an interesting look.

  • Butterfly roof

It kind of looks like a butterfly with its wings open or like an open book; it has its two sides sloping down at an angle. Its design allows the rooms of the building to have very tall ceilings.

butterfly roof, roofing, roofing sheets


  • Clerestory roof

It has a vertical wall sitting between the two sloping sides; think of it as a butterfly roof with one side raised and walled. The raised wall usually features a line of serval windows which allow a lot of natural light into a building.

clerestory roof design
Image Credit: Homenish

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Tips for choosing the right Roof design

  •  Cost Of Construction

To be honest, constructing a roof in Ghana can be quite pricey, but getting the right roof can be an investment. If you are interested in cutting down the cost of your roofing, then try roof designs that are not so overly complicated because in most cases the more complicated the roof design the more it will cost. So if you need roofing designs that are not just budget-friendly but beautiful then Domod Roofing is the company for you our architects are known to design the most amazing roofs that will get you great value for your money, and if you have a design in mind we suggest you come in to meet or architects to help make your ideal roof a reality 

  • Durability

This is very important when choosing a roof, the design of the roof should suit the building. Some designs can be very beautiful and have great aesthetics but may not be practical for the location of the building or the building itself. They are almost always limited to variation Hip roofs, the Gable roof and the Combination roof designs because they are relatively sturdier than other roof designs.

A roof design like the butterfly roof, though it is quite pleasing to look at, is not so practical for our Ghanaian weather as this type of roof is not so great at temperature regulation.

  • Choosing a Roof Material

 This is also very important because the type of roof design will determine the kind of material you need to use. When choosing your desired roof try to consider the overall weight of the material that will be used as some designs will require specific types of roofing materials which may be too heavy for your building. 

  • Installation Process

It may not seem obvious at first but the installation process is one of the major things you need to consider when choosing your roof design. This is because some roof installations can take more than the traditional six to five days and some may require certain types of materials which may not be readily available on the Ghanaian market. So check with the architects, the roofing company or the building contractor about the process before and after you choose your design.

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  • The type of company

We at Domod Roofing know that finding a reliable company with high professionalism in Ghana can be difficult. That is why we strive to be the number one roofing company in Ghana. Here are some tips for finding the best company 

  1. Find companies with satisfactory Roof Warranties, because we trust and have confidence in our roof we at Domod roofing are ready to give you 15 years warranty 
  2. Read reviews, to check for the professionalism of the company you want to work with go online and check their reviews on sites like Facebook or Instagram 
  3. Check materials: you can come into our offices to verify for yourself the superiority of our product
  4. Ask Questions: Go to the office of the company you want to work with or call to correct any misunderstanding.
  5. Make Sure That the Company Is Using Advanced Tools; this is very important because it can determine how well your roof design is carried out 
  6. Go for a Written Estimate, this is very important because it will allow you to know exactly how much it will cost to put on your roof on your building and it will also allow you to add to your budget the full expense of the roofing process.

There are a lot of things to consider. Roofs are an investment so when choosing a company to design or build your roof, choose Domod Roofing for flawless installation.