The term gable roof might sound foreign to you but there is a very high probability that you have seen a gable roof before. If you should ask any child and even most adults to draw a house they would draw a house with an ‘A’-shaped roof. That roof is what is known as a gable roof. Technically it is defined like this:

A gable or gabled roof has two sloping sides that meet together at a ridge. The two sloping sides that meet create end walls that have a triangular extension, called the gable. It can also be referred to as the A-shaped section of wall that occurs between the two intersecting sloping sides.



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It is important to note that these sides can be of different sizes depending on the property, and larger residential buildings can sometimes have two or more gables to add more structure and depth.

History of Gable roofs

Gables have been used as far back as the ancient Greek times mainly in temples. This type of roof spread to northern Europe as well as America. It is not clear who invented the Gable roof but it did originate from Europe. A building with a gable that faces the street is what is known as a front-gabled building and a building with its side facing the street is what is known as a side-gabled building. Its ridge is parallel to the street and faces it with its cullis or gutter. Different civilizations have used these types of roofs for centuries.

Advantages of Gable Roofs

The Gable roof is very popular mainly because of its advantages within the construction industry. Many construction companies in Ghana prefer to use gable roofs for roofing and these are some of the advantages of installing a gable roof.

  • Water Drainage:

If you live in the tropics where you are expected to experience a lot of rainfall during the rainy season then a gable roof would be ideal. Not only does it protect you from the rain, the roof system is a perfect water drainage tool. The design allows water to flow gently to the collection point so if you are into storing water then the gable roof would be the best for you. The sloped design of the gable roof helps minimize leakages and helps reduce damage to the roof.

  • Easy to Build:

Roof designs can be very complex depending on the building project but one thing you can be assured of is that the gable roof is easy to build. Compared to all the other alternatives, the gable roof is easy to construct.

  • Additional Space:

The nature of the gable roof creates a lot of room above the ceiling for ventilation and even for those who would like to include an attic to their building.

  • An Affordable Option:

The price of roofing in Ghana and beyond can be on the high side but with a gable roof, the price is normally very moderate as compared to other roofing types in Ghana. This reduces the cost of roofing installation and building of the gable roof.

  • Materials:

A gable roof can be constructed with different types of roofing material. You could use metal roofing sheets, clay tiles, shingles, or even concrete tiles to construct a gable roof. 

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Disadvantages of Gable Roofs

  • Prone to Wind Damage:

If you live in a hurricane-prone area then you should consider not using a gable roof. Based on how the wind is blowing, the gable roof can suffer from wind damage. Due to the steep pitch of the gable roof, it can easily attract strong winds. Very strong winds can peel off the roof.

  • Proper Installation:

The strength of the gable roof lies within the framing. That is why it is recommended that you use light steel frames in the construction of the gable roof. It must be installed properly to ensure that it is strong and can last for over 50 years.

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Types of Gable Roofs

Roofing is a complex part of the construction and must be handled by a professional. There are many variations of gable roofs that can suit different design needs. We have the following types of gable roofs:

  • Front Gable Roofs
  • Side Gable Roofs
  • Box Gable Roof
  • Dutch Gable Roofs
  • Cross Gable Roofs

Price of Gable Roofs

The price of a gable roof in Ghana varies based on the materials you will be using to build your frame and structure of the building. If you intend to use light steel frames then you can get a quote from us. Metal roofing sheets in Ghana are used to build most gable roofs. 

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So when you are building a roof for your building, a gable roof should be considered especially if you live in Ghana. Roofing in Ghana should be done by qualified professionals if you want to enjoy a long time span for your roof. Get a free quote for your roof and allow Domod Roof to partner with you in building the best roof for your building.